The IPad’s role in Education

The i-Pad’s role in Education bg color

Increasing amounts of independent schools are utilizing i-Pads, Apple’s tablet computer, as educational tools.

Using the i-Pad device, pupils can not only access the internet, but they can download applications to make education more fun and engaging in an increasingly technological world. There are dozens of educational games that can be downloaded on to the i-Pad to help teach younger pupils numeracy and literacy and kindle-type applications for all ages, thus eliminating the need for bulky textbooks that get damaged or lost. (

One of the more positive comments about the i-Pad revolution is that pupils are learning without even realizing it due to the exciting nature of the applications used to aid learning. This, in turn, helps make education more relatable to today’s young.

According to a report by The Guardian, the world’s first school to teach all of its lessons via i-Pad is the Cedar School of Excellence, an independent school in Greenock, Scotland where the head of IT, Fraser Speirs has quoted that “i-Pad-based teaching is producing increased levels of engagement both in class and with homework study.(
Although, the same report notes that one of the first areas to be affected by government spending cuts is technology in schools, leaving it harder for state schools to follow in their footsteps.